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Faculty of Psychology
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Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology, Islamic University of Riau and Abiseka Pekanbaru Hall signed an MoU

Fakultas psikologi universitas islam riau (UIR) dan balai abiseka pekanbaru melakukan penandatanganan mou

Pekanbaru – On Thursday, 23 December 2021, the Faculty of Psychology, Islamic University of Riau and Balai Abiseka Pekanbaru signed an MoU.

This meeting was attended by leaders who agreed to sign a collaboration with the following objectives: Increasing institutional and family cooperation between the two parties in carrying out education, research, community service, seminars/workshops, and scientific publications; Improving and strengthening the quality and resources owned; Agree on the implementation of the Independent Learning-Independent Campus Program in terms of Student Internships and other activities.